Testimonials and cases report

We have many successful cases and medical testimonials and below are just a few of the examples which was given freely by some of our patients to share stories of the successful recoveries they have experienced from our treatments.

  • Christine D

    March 21,2017: As a traditional British trained doctor I had symptoms for which western medicine has no solution.
    My son had used the centre and, although a very sceptical person, he enthused about the treatment he received and its effectiveness. I decided to try it out. Absolutely brilliant!
    Both doctors are very well trained in Chinese and Western medicine. My consultation was much more thorough than most specialist examinations by western consultants. The problem was identified and I was given acupuncture to treat it and in addition I also had some deep massage and cupping for some neck pain, which has already helped enormously. I have herbal pills to take twice daily and I have a repeat appointment in one week.I am very impressed already and if my main problem Is alleviated, as predicted, I will be absolutely delighted.
    I thoroughly recommend this alternative treatment for those cases where western medicine has no effective answer and no holistic approach.
    May 9, 2017: As a doctor I suffered debilitating menopausal flushing, associated with extreme exhaustion, for which western medicine had no solution as I cannot take oestrogen (HRT). I also had arthritic pains in my hands and neck, but did not want to take anti inflammatory drugs. My energy level is infinitely better, my flushing has almost disappeared and the arthritic pains are dramatically improved too. I can once more enjoy working in the garden that I love and thoroughly enjoy looking after two very young grandchildren whenever possible. I swim for an hour every day and walk most days for an hour. I am learning ballroom dancing and am studying Spanish and have the energy to entertain and socialise in the way that I love. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough. There is so much more to this traditional Chinese approach to medicine that we in the west dismiss to our detriment.

  • Jerry Xu

    I have known them for very long, but only started to use their service after getting problem with my knees in a half marathon. Their acupuncture is very professional and also give me some very good advices on how to avoid further problems. So totally worth a five star.

  • Stiliyan Stanislavov

    Such an amazing clinic! Thanks to Cailong. He has helped me with chronic low back pain that did not respond to other treatments. His friendly manner put me at ease, and he explained every detail of treatment. I improved with every session! I'm so glad I made that phone call after my wife suggested I try acupuncture. This is the best thing I could have done! Thanks to Jane! She met me with gentle care and a very professional approach. She also treated my wife and my mother in law. Thanks for everything you did for us! Stan and Family

  • Michaela Hulkova

    The best ever! Had chronic back pain after a whiplash and Jane managed to make it go away. That was after my GP said I just needed to get used to it. Jane is so helpful and really has patients' best interest at heart. Words can't describe how thankful I am. Thank you so much, Jane!!!!!

  • Dolya Ignatova

    I've been suffering from neck pain, stiffness and dizziness. My friends gave me a voucher for the clinic as a birthday present and that was my way of getting better. Now, a few months later I feel great and neck-pain free. Treatments are very relaxing and the staff is friendly. The team cares after the person's general well being, not the initial problem only. Thank you very much Cailong! And thank you Jane for the relaxation advices!

  • Nina Myszkowski

    Thoroughly recommend this place. Very caring and lovely staff, who genuinely want to help improve your life and make you feel better. Staff are very kind and patient and listen carefully to your needs. God bless.

  • Avneet C

    Jane is a wonderful accupuncturist. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience plus an excellent manner. I would recommend her as I have used Chinese medicine for several health conditions over many years. I have avoided prescription medicine and overcome conditions. Her knowledge of the body is from both an Eastern and Western knowledge of medicine. She combines the two in a way you know you are in good hands. I'd say try it!

  • Steve R

    Very pleased, very good knowledge in initial consultation and great relaxing Acupuncture ..neck and shoulder feeling so much better ..will definitely be having a follow up. Highly Recommended and great value for time and service given.

  • Miss Singer L

    From the offset of contacting the Chinese Herbs and Acupunture Centre, I have been made to feel welcome, and nothing has been too much trouble. Dr Fang has a lovely manner and ensures at all times that I am comfortable whilst receiving the treatment. He listens intently and takes on board any ailments that may be hindering me. I was able to see the benefits of the acupuncture very soon after starting; my mobility improved and the tension was erased from my body. The environment is soothing, clean, and relaxing music can be heard in the background. I would definitely recommend.

  • Mr Bryant

    I have suffered from long ongoing back problems, ever since a bad car accident many years ago, as well as chronic sinusitis and have been going to the Chinese Medical Centre for quite some time now. The staff are fantastic, have a great "bedside" manner, are very professional, friendly and courteous. The treatment has always been given with the utmost care and with due regard for my comfort and wellbeing. I find this helps a lot towards alleviating the lower back pain and also helps with relieving the sinusitis symptoms. I would have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending their services. A very satisfied customer

  • Mr Baker

    I had suffered with migraines for years and no treatment seemed very effective until I tried Chandler's Ford Chinese Medical Center. Within 2 weeks of acupuncture treatment I noticed a big improvement to my headaches and now with continued treatment I rarely have migraines. Kai-long and Jane are great professionals and are very friendly and welcoming. The needles used in treatment itself are actually quite painless and I always have a relaxing experience. I would highly recommend this medical center to anyone with body pains or headache issues.

  • Mrs Tirado

    My husband and I have been cared for by Jane, Kai-Long for the last two years. They are unfailingly positive and supportive and take a great deal of time and care to fully understand a problem. They are quietly proactive and determined to provide solutions that work. Both of us have noticed a real improvement in our symptoms since attending their Chinese Medical Centre.

  • Mrs Rayment

    Extremely friendly and caring team at the Chinese Medical Center of Jane, Kai-long and Lucie. Treatments are explained thoroughly and very reasonably priced. The premises are really clean and tidy. The team are genuinely interested in your well-being which makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

  • Mrs Fox

    Dr. Jane is very friendly and approachable; she has supported me for many years with preventative treatments for the immune system. She trained also in conventional medicine back in her homeland. Since I have visited the centre for treatments, my health has improved greatly. The facilities are clean and bright. Overall, the treatments take place in a relaxing environment.I would highly recommend Chandler's Ford Chinese Medical Center for both preventative and curative treatments.

  • Mrs Howells

    Excellent treatment and support throughout my time seeing Dr Jane. Always cheerful and reassuring, she has helped me tremendously. Acupuncture and herbal medicine made a positive impact to my general well-being and my energy level. I am so very thankful to Dr Jane for making such a difference to my life. I would highly recommend her clinic.

  • Mrs Kevin

    From: Kevin Date 15 Sept. 2014 To: Dr S. L Surgery.
    At an arranged appointment 10 Sept 2014 I briefly mentioned to you the success I felt I had with acupuncture to overcome long term intermittent pain in my feet caused by diabetic neuropathy. Due to a shortage of time I promised to write a fuller account.
    I have had this pain for many years now and have been taking the maximum dose of gabapentin and also duloxetine but the pain has never subsided and eventually the pain was with me for about 65% of the time. Specifically the pain has been historically in my left foot in a number of areas. These areas are my big toe top surface, the area between my big toe and the connection to the next toe, the middle two toes top surface, the area immediately behind these two toes on the top surface of my foot and an area on the outer side of my foot. All these areas were subject to an intense burning sensation. The inner side of my foot about centre length and height was subject to an intense searing bolt of pain. Frequently the pain was so intense that I kept a bottle of whisky by my bedside as I found that the only way I could get to sleep was a large slug of whisky and again during the night to continue sleeping.
    Dr Hood first gave me acupuncture and it was a revelation. Fifteen minutes after inserting the pins the pain totally subsided into nothing. I cannot recall how long the effect was maintained. Dr Hook then retired.
    Some months ago I decided to consult a Chinese acupuncturist, Dr Yangzhou (a qualified Doctor in China, specialising in the diabetes field, but non practising medicine in this country). She said, if I heard correctly, that the blood flow to my affected areas needed improving with acupuncture. I attended over a period of about six appointments when the pain decrease, whilst not as swift as Dr Hood’s, was very effective. Having a long term effective treatment to my left foot, my right foot then started with searing bolts of pain to the inside of the foot and a burning sensation to two of my toes. I re-attended the acupuncturist and the pain immediately started to decrease. It is some weeks now since my last treatment and the pain has returned but at a much lower level. My intention will be seek treatment when the pain returns.
    Please feel free to pass this information on to your medical colleagues. Dr Livoonchong at Winchester Hospital has shown interest in the acupuncture treatment and I have sent him a copy of this note.
    The acupuncturist is known as Jane Zhou. Her mobile number is 07891179762. She is in the process of moving her office to 2 Bournemouth Road, Chandlers Ford and the office number is 023 8026 9998. The treatments take about 45 minutes and cost £45.

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