Infertility, pain management, mood disorders, IBS,immune diseases etc, we are fully qulified Traditional Chinese Medical doctors who are adequate to treat different diseases. We are based in Chandler's Ford , serve Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh, Winchester, Romsey and Southampton. Welcome to the online home of Chandler's Ford Herbs and Acupuncture Centre.

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2 Bournemouth Road
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We have practiced Chinese Herb Medicine and Acupuncture for over 20 years and set up Dr Yangzhou Chinese Medical Centre in Chandler's Ford in 2006 and have successfully treated many patients. Our patients include Doctors (MD &PhD), Nurses, and other healthcare providers. We treat many difficult diseases and specialize in reproductive disorders, different kinds of pain problems, stress,anxious,insomina,depression,IBS, skin conditions,immune and auto-immune disorders, gynecological disorders and digestive disorders. We pledge to you our dedication to top quality medical excellence!

We deeply understand human bodies and mechanisms of diseases in both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine way. We would like to help put your mind at ease and let you know that the welfare of our patients is top priority.


Christine D

March 21,2017: As a traditional British trained doctor I had symptoms for which western medicine has no solution.
My son had used the centre and, although a very sceptical person, he enthused about the treatment he received and its effectiveness. I decided to try it out. Absolutely brilliant!
Both doctors are very well trained in Chinese and Western medicine. My consultation was much more thorough than most specialist examinations by western consultants. The problem was identified and I was given acupuncture to treat it and in addition I also had some deep massage and cupping for some neck pain, which has already helped enormously. I have herbal pills to take twice daily and I have a repeat appointment in one week.I am very impressed already and if my main problem Is alleviated, as predicted, I will be absolutely delighted.
I thoroughly recommend this alternative treatment for those cases where western medicine has no effective answer and no holistic approach.
May 9, 2017: As a doctor I suffered debilitating menopausal flushing, associated with extreme exhaustion, for which western medicine had no solution as I cannot take oestrogen (HRT). I also had arthritic pains in my hands and neck, but did not want to take anti inflammatory drugs. My energy level is infinitely better, my flushing has almost disappeared and the arthritic pains are dramatically improved too. I can once more enjoy working in the garden that I love and thoroughly enjoy looking after two very young grandchildren whenever possible. I swim for an hour every day and walk most days for an hour. I am learning ballroom dancing and am studying Spanish and have the energy to entertain and socialise in the way that I love. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough. There is so much more to this traditional Chinese approach to medicine that we in the west dismiss to our detriment.

Iain Richard Colin Baker

I had suffered with migraines for years and no treatment seemed very effective until I tried Chandler's Ford Chinese Medical Center. Within 2 weeks of acupuncture treatment,I noticed a big improvement to my headaches and now with continued treatment I rarely have migraines. Kai-long and Jane are great professionals and are very friendly and welcoming. The needles used in treatment itself are actually quite painless and I always have a relaxing experience. I would highly recommend this medical center to anyone with body pains or headache issues.

Michaela Hulkova

The best ever! Had chronic back pain after a whiplash and Jane managed to make it go away. That was after my GP said I just needed to get used to it. Jane is so helpful and really has patients' best interest at heart. Words can't describe how thankful I am. Thank you so much, Jane!!!!!